New Patient Onboarding Process

Ever been to a new doctor and felt that you were rushed out of the room? Ever had a feeling that you had to go over things again and again?

At Pulse Medical we know that changing your doctor can be a stressful time. From a safety point of view these are the times when errors can occur in medical decision making.

Our new patient onboarding process is designed to ensure that your transition to our clinic is as safe and smooth as possible.

Our process allows you the protected time to tell us about your health, your concerns and your expectations. The process gives our doctors a chance to get to know you, your important health conditions, medications, your health goals and what matters to you.

By doing this right we ensure your safety during the transition period and put a foundation for a long and trusting therapeutic relationship.

You also get to know our team, how we do things and help us create a plan of action for your care.

Our processes are designed to ensure that you get to see your preferred GP. We know that your health outcomes are a lot better when you get the continuity of care.

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Book an appointment online


In response to the emerging Covid-19 pandemic, Pulse Medical is now offering

Telehealth / Video Consultation Appointments.

This is to ensure that our patients are not exposed to infections while waiting in our waiting rooms.

You can book these appointments by calling 07 3272 8543 or via this website.

Click here to find out more about how video consultation works.