DNA Policy

Pulse Medical has a DNA Policy in place whereby patients who fail to attend special or consecutive appointments will be charged a fee. Special appointments can include care plans, procedures and after hours appointments. Situations where a DNA fee applies is at the discretion of management and will take into account the inconvenience to other patients and costs incurred by the practice due to your non-attendance.

Pulse Medical uses SMS reminders as a convenient way to remind you the day before of your appointment details. This service is a courtesy only and not receiving your SMS reminder is not a valid reason to miss your appointment. It is your responsibility to be aware of your appointment details, and to arrive on time or reschedule with sufficient notice.

A minimum of 24 hours notice is required for all allied health appointments (dietitian, physio, social worker, podiatrist, etc) or a fee will apply. 

Patients who incur fees will be responsible for these fees. DNA fees are not Medicare rebateable.

Pulse Medical reserves the right to request these fees are paid in full before another appointment can be made. You may also be limited in the ways you can book in the future for repeat, serious offenders. (e.g. not able to book online, or not able to book early & after hours appointments when the GP comes to work early/ stays later specifically to see you.)

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In response to the emerging Covid-19 pandemic, Pulse Medical is now offering

Telehealth / Video Consultation Appointments.

This is to ensure that our patients are not exposed to infections while waiting in our waiting rooms.

You can book these appointments by calling 07 3272 8543 or via this website.

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